“I want to go on a holiday!” With the effects of Covid-19 the past year, you’ve surely had this thought countless times. Scenery, cuisine, meeting new people, it’s a great refreshment.

Yet even so, with requests for shortened operating hours and self-restraint still continuing in many prefectures, you can only reminisce about your past holiday experiences for a while longer.

Among the foreign residents in Japan who have chosen to stay on because they like the country, what place do they want to go to again for a holiday? The writer interviewed foreign residents of Japan who have been here for less than three years, and from expected destinations to more unorthodox vacation choices, gathered various opinions. (The views below are personal opinions from the questionnaire conducted)

The number one most popular is Kyoto! What is the reason for its popularity?

Image: PIXTA

The place that most people have expressed interest in visiting, is Kyoto, popular even amongst short-term foreign visitors to Japan.

“No matter how many times I go to Kyoto, it’s fun! Temples, shrines, geisha, cherry blossoms, autumn foliage, snow, it’s a town that is totally what Japan is all about” (Vietnam, 20s, female)

“The bamboo forest in Kyoto’s Arashiyama is stunning. Arashiyama has many Japanese-style sweet shops and souvenir shops, even if I’m there for an entire day I won’t get bored of it” (Malaysia, 20s, male)

“Every year, I’ll definitely go to Kyoto at least once, it’s fun going around to all the temples. I want to go again soon” (USA, 40s, male)

“Nintendo was founded in Kyoto. I’ve gone on a fan’s pilgrimage to the headquarters while walking the streets of Kyoto, and I also have fond memories of seeing the scenes from Japan’s games and anime spreading out before me. Pokemon Center Kyoto is unique too” (Chile, 30s, male)

To foreign visitors, Kyoto has the image of being “The Japan”, the town where Japanese culture is passed down. With a charm that captures the heart of foreign visitors and never lets go, you can clearly see it from the comments we gathered as well.

Fondness for Tohoku: Healing yourself in a hot spring secreted away

Image: PIXTA

Many foreign residents from Asia have voiced their desires to go back to the hot springs of the Tohoku region.

“I want to go to Hoshino Resort in Aomori one more time. Seeing the snow while in the hot springs was the best” (Korea, 40s, male)

“At Yamagata’s Ginsan Onsen, the snowscapes are very beautiful and moving. Next time I definitely want to go in summer” (Taiwan, 20s, female)

“Miyagi Prefecture’s Akiu Onsenkyō was really good. Chinese people like hot springs, sake, and wag…

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