To celebrate our 7th anniversary, from April 1st we’ll add a little gift to a chosen few customer’s parcels.

We’re so thankful to all of you that have supported us over these past amazing 7 years, and we appreciate every single one of them!

In order to make this year’s anniversary a little more special, we’ve gone and created something unique for the occasion.

During the 1st of April, parcels that are packed on this date may receive 1 of 7 random Limited Edition Zen Coasters.

Each coaster featuring 1 of the 7 Principles Of Zen!

7 Years ZenMarket Anniversary


For those of you that chose the “No logos” Option when you created your parcel for international shipping, your parcel will not be eligible to potentially receive a coaster.

These coasters are limited edition and while we will give away as many as we can, only a chosen few will receive one, once they are gone, they’re gone!

Good Luck!

7 Years ZenMarket Anniversary


Thank you again to all of you that have joined us on this amazing journey, 7 years ago our CEOs were packing boxes in a Japanese apartment and now we are one of the biggest exporters of Japanese consumer goods in the world with 3 warehouses, 11 languages, 250+ employees and over 1 Million Customers!


Thank You & Happy Anniversary!